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Australia is a film that is a drastic miscalculation on the part of director/co-writer Baz Luhrmann. This much stalled project once starred Russell Crowe, then Heath Ledger and ultimately Hugh Jackman and has taken forever to get to the screen, and once you it you will know why. This is a daunting effort as Luhrmann hopes to make a film as grand as the likes of Gone With the Wind and Lawrence of Arabia all while telling a love story mixed in with the tragic racial policies imposed on half-white/half-Aboriginal children as they are stripped from their families in an effort to “breed the black out of them”. The idea is as offensive as it sounds, but in Australia’s attempts to make sure the film is as much a love story as it is (more, actually) a tale of a “stolen generation” it loses its focus and turns into a boring trip through the Outback that seemed to pass by at a snail’s pace.

The film begins in 1939 as the voice of a young boy begins introducing us to the story in broken English. The violence against the Aboriginal people is quickly realized as well as early introductions to our two main characters Lady Sarah Ashley (Nicole Kidman) and a man simply known as The Drover (Hugh Jackman). Why’s he called The Drover? Because he is what he does… plain and simple. Sarah Ashley, however, is more than she initially appears to be as this stuffy aristocrat comes from London to Australia to confront her presumed-to-be-cheating husband at Faraway Downs, a remote outpost in Darwin, Australia.

Things change once Sarah arrives to find her husband has been murdered and the outpost is in ruin and damn near worthless as Aussie cattle baron King Carney (Bryan Brown) and his crony, the film’s primary villain, Neil Fletcher (David Wenham) have run the land ragged and have been stealing their cattle. Sarah can either sell the land at a loss or try and work it herself; an option most would laugh at considering her refined nature and the dusty prerequisite for working such a savage land. The twist in the story arrives in the form of Nullah (Brandon Walters) a young half-white/half-Aboriginal child Sarah takes to mothering and with the help of The Drover believes the land is salvageable.

From this point, the film becomes a story of the love between Sarah, The Drover and Nullah as they form a strange family unit. Their story combines with the territorial war against Fletcher as he hungers for power and Carney’s place as king of the land all while the battle of race relations and search for one’s inner self acts as the film’s thread line. All this plays while the threat of World War II is in the background and ultimately serving as the film’s climax. Epic is an understatement, but with so many hats in the air none of them are able to be caught as the story gets caught up in the middle ground and only to try and find its legs in its multiple climactic moments when I was already too weary to care.

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